Do Not Give Up


Thought that this was a suitable title for this post, as I have to admit to being close on many occasions to just giving up.

However, having had to have a serious look at the domains that I have registered, also those that do have a website installed, I have come to the conclusion that I have allowed thing to slide,often in more ways than one.

The photograph above is a reminder of when things did not go right when our son was born, we were told to expect twins, that changed to now we are not sure, in the event, our twin was an undeveloped fetus.

This photograph was taken at the National Memorial Arboretum  at Alrewas in Staffordshire, in the garden remembering still births.  In struck a chord when I saw it, felt that it was a fitting reminder of what might have been.

This photograph, I just cannot remember where it was taken, but like the calm that it brings.  A reminder that i have a lot to sort out now, but that I must remain calm, composed and organised.

Like my brand site at https://learningandwealth.com I will refer back to this site when I have items that I think that you should be aware of, on the site to which they belong.

Hopefully I will have useful ideas to bring you as well.


Whatever problems that you have, or think that you have, there is always someone worse of than you.

When I get it up and running visit. https://depressionandanxieties.com



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