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My name is Stuart Allen, welcome to my website.  Having served in the Armed Forces for some twenty four years, with duties including training and management, followed by a number of jobs following a similar line, I have always liked to help people whenever I can.  To add to this I have spent the last twenty five years helping in the voluntary sector.

A few years ago I decided to expand my interests by using the internet as  a possible way to improve how I could help people.  To this end I gathered a variety of books and DVD’s on a variety of subjects, but did nothing about it.

My interest grew so launched a couple of web sites on topics that I was passionate about, forming a Limited Company, ESA Enterprises Ltd, to enable my websites to be under one banner.

This does not apply to this website which will be a standalone one, it is my intention to use this as a form of journal to record my thoughts, actions and other comments on this brand new venture.

It is intended to post a weekly blog on a Sunday about my progress, so please feel free to comment.

Best wishes


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