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This website is being totally rewritten, it was intended to be used as part of  a course which I was doing, like many things long abandoned, Whilst I was updating my new website to conform to another project realized that this site was being wasted so thought why not see if it can be used for something else, so will be working on this alongside my new site.

As there were some five posts written have deleted them and given them a title of “Website being revamped” while I sort things out.

Let me start at the beginning, I have for a long time, thought that looks like a good course or idea to make money, as a result have spent quite a load of cash.

This site will look at how I have overcome, what only can be described as adversity, or what is commonly called “Chasing the silver dollar”.  Like many have fallen for the most compelling of E Mails, spent a load of cash, then realized that it is not likely to work.

That is not to say that some ideas were not good, or that I have, on the odd occasion not used some or all the ideas, as I try to build up a worthwhile income.

However to fully understand where I am coming from you need to be aware of some background information.

Why did I start an online business

To make money, that was my first thought, not much cash so how do I get more. That was my first mistake, it actually cost me money lots of it. Let’s face it I was chasing a dream that in the real world did not exist.

Now I am not saying that these folk were dishonest, just very clever at making me believe I could get-rich-quick. This idea has long gone, now I know that it takes time and patience, not to mention hard work to succeed on line.

So why carry on? Because I get a thrill out of attempting to succeed on line, the problem that I have is having to many ideas and flitting from one to another without finishing any of them.

Yes I know that it is time that I changed, why I cannot I am not sure of. Do I get bored, do I give up too easily, the excuses are too many to fathom.

Having been scammed, my bank account emptied, I really do have to concentrate on making the effort and hopefully making money.

This is no longer a dream, but a reality, that I do intend to succeed, just will take a little time to focus a little better on what I want. More importantly which of the many ideas that I have do I do first.

A good question if I wish to be like the character on the left!

What did I want out of the business

To earn enough to provide for my wife and I, with the ability to provide for and help my children and grandchildren.

Also, the satisfaction, that despite the setbacks, the scams, the get-rich-quick schemes that I can say there I did it. Do realize that I am getting help from several awesome people to help me achieve my goal OF TOTAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM

But learning and training is part of the process.

So eventually having a hands free business, run on auto pilot seems perfect to me.

What is my dream life

To be so comfortable that we can do what we want, when we want.

To explain a little deeper, I have two grandsons, one is to have my Stamp Collection, the other my collection of Medals and Coins. By adding to them monthly not only will I get the pleasure of the purchases it will improve the value of the grandson’s inheritance. Both are fairly valuable so they can a good start in life should they decide to sell them.

To be able to park my car off the road without moving. An extension would provide a garage underneath, whilst above we could have an en-suite for our master bedroom, which my wife has always wanted. An extra room would take either some of my stuff, be a railway room, a library or enable my wife to have another guest room.

Just done a very silly thing discussed this with my wife. She is really great and switched on, I might be a tad biased after 49 years. However no extension, so will remove that from the income goal, and guess what she would like a dream house. This of course has really messed up my total of £9,300. Have kept this in as it is a true reflection of what I would have liked without having to move.

Everything else has passed the wife test.

Often go to London for the day to study my family history, would like to be able to do so and stay overnight, without raiding the bank account.

We have always wanted somewhere on the coast where we can just get away for a few days, so that is also on the list.

It would be nice to have the extra spend for treats and living the good life.

What is my monthly income goal to make it happen

£1000 to invest in Stamps for Joshua.

£1000 to invest in Medals/coins for Kyle.

£1000 savings or investment fund

£800 extra monthly spend

£500 London Trips

£3000 towards a holiday home

£5000 to buy my wife’s dream house. (Which I would be allowed to live in.)

Total per month £12,300

Thanks for reading this, hope that you enjoy your dream




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